The communications network is the main infrastructure of i2basque. i2basque-10G consists of a core ring with four locations (Donostia-San Sebastián, Arrasate, Leioa and Vitoria-Gasteiz) linked by 10Gbps lamda links, two metropolitan rings with dark fiber links in Bizkaia (Bilbao-Leioa-Zamudio) and Donostia-San Sebastián (Ibaeta-Miramón-Hospital Donostia) and dark fiber links in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Las Nieves-EJIE and Las Nieves-Osakidetza), as well as optical fiber connections in all Technology Parks (Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, Miñano and Polo Garaia).

i2basque offers connections with Gigabit Ethernet or 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical fiber interfaces to R&D&Icorporative networks in the Basque Country. It also acts as means of access way to RedIRIS Academic Network, and shares with it the access requirements to be a user of these services.

Network topology

Real time network monitoring

(By clicking on the nodes, the traffic graphs of the centers are displayed)