The Biofisika Bizkaia Foundation (FBB) has affiliated to i2basque. Welcome!

The Biofisika Bizkaia Foundation (FBB) is an institution created in 2007 as an instrument to carry out, support and finance scientific research, training, and outreach in the field of biophysics. Since its creation, the goals and activities of the FBB have been aligned and coordinated with those of the IBF. It focuses on advancing knowledge […]

Welcome to BioBizkaia Health Research Institute Association!

The mission of the Biobizkaia Institute is to promote translational research and health innovation, to create value and create an impact on health for society: Biobizkaia is a Health Research Institute of the Territory of Bizkaia, Within the Basque Health System, with a reference area of ​​over 1 million people, which wants to be recognized […]