Ikergune, the new affiliate of i2basque

This week the Basque Goverment gave the affiliation to Ikergune. Ikergune A.I.E. is the R&D&i unit of the Etxe-Tar Group, accredited as an Agent of the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation, which was created in 2008 as a differentiating commitment in research and development with the aim of opening paths in new businesses, […]

Agreement between Red.es and Ikerbasque

The BOE of 9th October 2021, publishes an agreement that is going to expand the i2basque Trunk Network with three new direct connections to RedIRIS, and establish a new i2basque Point of Presence (PoP) in Eibar.These fiber optic connections will provide flow rates of up to 100 Gbps between the nodes of the i2basque trunk […]

New connections

Recently some of our affiliates changed their location or opened new offices and i2basque provided its connection in their new location. Specifically, i2basque has new connections to the following centers: Ikerbasque´s office in Plaza Euskadi (Bilbao). New center of CIDETEC in Usabal industrial park from Tolosa (where they are collaborating with MUBIL project). Ikerlan moved […]

Participation in MoodleMoot Euskadi 2021

i2basque is going to participate in MoodleMoot Euskadi 2021 this Friday, 4th of June, at 13:45, in the round table “Unibertsitateko esperientziak portafolioekin (eta harago)”. The discussion is going to be focused on Mahara as learning portfolio, it can be followed online for free, and it could be a good opportunity to learn a bit […]

Zubigune Foundation, our new affiliated centre

The ZubiGune Foundation is a private non-profit organisation that is the result of a partnership between businesses, the Usurbil Vocational Training Centre and technology centres, committed to increasing cooperation between the various stakeholders involved in the technological and social development of our region. This partnership is the realisation of an old ambition: to create an […]