i2basque offers the scientific community an HPC infrastructure for initiation in high-performance computing in the Basque Country.

These computing resources are directly connected to the i2basque core network (SDH at 10 Gbps) with GE optical fiber interfaces.

Our goal is to establish a first infrastructure for HPC in the Basque Country, which is available to all researchers.

Our infrastructure aims to work as catalyst to establish alliances and collaborations among i2basque Academic Network internal and external agents. This infrastructure is available to all R&D entities, in order to establish collaborative links, either through joint research projects or by helping them to share their computing resources with i2basque, or with other groups.

These collaborations will allow the execution of experiments that were impossible in the past, combining resources with technologies such as Grid Computing, and will be reinforced through the use of the i2basque communications network, a critical piece to allow an efficient exchange of exchange.