Ikergune, the new affiliate of i2basque

Ikergune, the new affiliate of i2basque

This week the Basque Goverment gave the affiliation to Ikergune.

Ikergune A.I.E. is the R&D&i unit of the Etxe-Tar Group, accredited as an Agent of the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation, which was created in 2008 as a differentiating commitment in research and development with the aim of opening paths in new businesses, sectors and technologies.

Ikergune's mission is to serve as a link between the needs of the market and the group's industrial vision, through the technological and scientific developments carried out in each project. Since its inception, Ikergune has carried out research projects in the fields of laser processes, materials, robotics or biotechnology; where its role is a benchmark in research, development and innovation tasks, together with the companies of the Etxe-Tar Group at the regional, national and international level. On the other hand, Ikergune is in charge of developing other projects more focused on innovation and the use of emerging technologies within the core business of the participating companies, always having as a premise the reduction of environmental impact, searching horizontally within its research branches their sustainability. Thanks to its experience in the field of R+D+i, Ikergune has managed to generate an immediate impact on products close to the market, thus obtaining a rapid return on investment.

In its most disruptive branch, Ikergune has researchers from various branches of engineering, with extensive experience in topics related to advanced manufacturing, laser processes and robotics. Likewise, to complement its development capacity, Ikergune maintains close collaborations with leading Technology Centers and Universities in their fields, which generates a very competitive team when it comes to facing new and complex technological challenges.

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