Contents (CMS, LMS)

11 Apr 2020 i2basque

The Internet content management applications, both CMS (Content Management System) and LMS (Learning Management System), are very versatile tools for communication, group work, training, support and documentation. Our goal is to facilitate the implementation of Open Source management systems in the entities affiliated with i2basque, advising them on the installation, structuring contents and associated methodologies.

We have several sandbox environments for testing, such as: Omeka-S (photographic repository), Iturriak (MediaWiki for collaborative translations), etc. And in parallel we offer services aimed at the bulk of the affiliates:

  • Moodle: Manager of courses to support virtual teaching-learning processes.
  • Mahara: Electronic portfolio and social network, suitable for promoting of lifelong learning processes, formative evaluations, generating of an electronic curriculum vitae and providing support for group work.